Pred vami je brezplačni umestitveni vprašalnik iz angleščine. Za vsak primer je možna samo ena rešitev. Reševanje vam bo vzelo približno 15 minut. Za optimalo določitev stopnje vašega predznanja odsvetujemo uporabo zunanje pomoči pri reševanju. Srečno! 🙂

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1. Susan ____ from London, she's from Oxford.
2. Do you like chocolate? - No, I ____.
3. He was at the party. I saw ____.
4. They're students. ____ names are Jim and Mary.
5. This is my ____ wife.
6. Her party is ____ Saturday.
7. I ____ a shower every morning.
8. I travel ____ train almost every day.
9. Yesterday ____ Friday.
10. Jenny's very ____. She doesn't make many mistakes.
11. He worked ____ and passed the test.
12. There ____ any famous people at the party last week.
13. ____ your bother play the guitar?
14. Have you ever ____ Japanese food?
15. Kangaroos are animals ____ live in Australia.
16. It's very hot in here. ____ I open the window?
17. Mike phoned. He's going to ____ you back in an hour.
18. This is a terrible film. Turn ____ the TV!
19. Jake ____ a piano lessson now.
20. Are you listening ____ the radio or can I turn if off?
21. My brother ____ the dog for a walk at seven o'clock every morning.
22. You ____ swin here. It's dangerous.
23. Jane's interested ____ history.
24. She ____ a lot of time watching TV.
25. I never ____ people money.
26. When we all checked in, Sarah's luggage was ____.
27. I haven't seen my brother ____ last April.
28. I ____ Mary since I was a child.
29. She ____ here for years - she knows everything about the job.
30. I was ____ yesterday. I had nothing to do.
31. I don't want ____ to eat. I've already had lunch.
32. Mark doesn't work hard and ____ does Ben.
33. They ____ visit us tomorrow. It depends whether they fix the car.
34. You smoke ____ cigarettes. You should really think about quitting.
35. What ____ you do if he doesn't ring?
36. I ____ on really well with my parents.
37. When I got home I saw that somebody ____ one of my windows.
38. I haven't eaten anything for hours. I'm absolutely ____.
39. Can you please tell me ____?
40. My friend sings quite ____, but she'll never be a professional.
41. We'll have a picnic tomorrow unless ____.
42. The weather is very ____ at the moment. One minute it's raining and the next the sun comes out.
43. We ____ four meetings by the end of today.
44. I wish my boss ____ all the time.
45. They agreed ____ my jacket for a bigger size.
46. The company needs to decide ____ and for all what its position is on this point.
47. Would you mind ____ these cups a wipe before putting them in the cupboard?
48. I'm sorry - I didn't ____ to disturb you.
49. ____ tired Jenny is when she gets home from work, she always makes time to say goodnight to the children.
50. It was only six days ago ____ she started her new job.
51. Have you got time to discuss the project now or are you ____ to leave?
52. I'd rather you ____ to her why she can't come with us.
53. This new printer is recommended as being ____ reliable.
54. When I realised I had dropped my gloves, I decided to ____ my steps.
55. That's very nice of you but you ____ me back until tomorrow.
56. Zamenhof threw himself ____ into the study of languages.
57. No sooner ____ the door than the dog rushed out into the garden.
58. Local residents ____ objected to the plans to build a mall where there is currently a beautiful park.
59. He escaped the fire by ____.
60. _____ with being so busy both at work and at home, she became more and more tired and moody.
61. The Prime Minister resigned; the whiff of scandal remained ____.
62. We were at a disadvantage ____ that we did not have very good command of the language they were using.
63. No one wants to do extra work tonight, ____?
64. Mary couldn't ____ a moustache to the photo of her Headmaster in the newspaper.
65. She had no sooner told him what she thought of him ____ she wished she'd held her tounge.
66. If you can win her attention ____ for you.
67. I take great exception ____ the implication that I was lying.
68. In such a plight ____ that we had no choice but to radio for help.